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This article contains information from the light novel.

Do not read beyond this point if you want to avoid being spoiled.

Chameleon (カメレオン Kamereon?) is a member of SPES.


Chameleon normally has white hair and purple eyes. He wears a black suit, a big green bow tie, and black shoes.

After transforming into a humanoid chameleon, he becomes bigger, gaining a much scarier appearance and growing a large and long tail with sharp teeth. Furthermore, Chameleon grows even much larger in size after another transformation which makes his head resemble to that of a T-Rex.


Chameleon can be somewhat cunning and manipulative, making his opponents act out of rage. He enjoys seeing people suffer and tends to poke fun at his enemies whenever he pushes them to their limits.



Physical Abilities

Chameleon possesses the ability to completely turn invisible to humans' eyes. He can transform into a humanoid chameleon and even a larger creature with a head resembling that of a T-Rex. In those forms, he gains physical attributes, tough skin, and viciously brute strength.

Intellectual Abilities

Chameleon is a very sneaky individual as he can easily sneak through without being noticed due to his chameleon characteristics.


  • "Looks like I'll get to have some fun here too."

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