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It's For the Future a Year From Now (それは一年後の未来へ向けた Sore wa Ichinen-go no Mirai e Muketa?) is the fifth episode of the The Detective is Already Dead. TV anime adaptation.



Siesta and Kimizuka investigate a series of murders by someone called Cerberus, who for some sinister reason steals victims’ hearts. As Cerberus eludes Siesta’s pursuit, she comes up with a more desperate tactic, much to Kimizuka’s dismay.


A flashback involving Kimihiko and Siesta are at the beach for a brief vacation, before they start their job in search to search for the Emerald Tear. Eventually, they investigate a murder at a church where Siesta deduces the culprit is someone called Cerberus as the victim was missing his heart. Outside of the church, the two meet with Fubi who informs them she's heading back to Japan and gives Kimihiko her lighter claiming she's quitting smoking. Later, the two sit at a park bench and review the case at hand. It's considered that Cerberus is a SPES android with a modified nose like Bat's ear. They then devise a plan to have Cerebus come to them with Kimihiko as the bait.

That night at a hotel, Kimihiko waits for Cerberus to come and during it, Charlotte breaks into his room. However, Kimihiko realizes she's an imposter and in reality, it was really Cerberus. In their brief altercation with each other, Kimihiko sets his bed on fire, which activates the fire sprinklers. When asked what's Cerberus' motive he merely claims that he has none and is simply following the orders to his mission. Just then, Siesta appears and takes down Cerberus. He, however, tries to escape, but is decapitated by the sudden appearance of a girl named Hel who is the supreme leader of SPES. Hel then carves out a crystal from Cerberus' chest and right as Siesta aims her gun at Hel, her eyes glow red, and blacks out.

Afterward, Kimihiko awakens tied to a chair at an undisclosed location. He was abducted by Hel and talks with her about a Sacred Writ that talks about the Leaves of Agastya. Hel deduces that Kimihiko isn't a magnet for trouble, but a catalyst that awakens it and requests that he become her partner to save the world. Kimihiko then claims her goal is to destroy the world, however, she claims that would be salvation, and that he'd join her in the future. Once again, Hel asks if Kimihiko will join her, but he flatly refuses and so she then reveals a giant monster that's also in the room. The monster has the ability to spew virulent gas and Hel also reveals that their current location is under the nation's parliament building. It's also revealed that the monster feeds on human hearts and Hel then gives the monster named Petelguese Cerberus' heart thereby awakening. Kimihiko then manages to escape out of his restraints and at that moment, Siesta arrives at the scene piloting a giant robot.


  • Screenplay: Deko Akao
  • Storyboard: Rin Teraoka
  • Director: Yuki Kanezawa
  • Chief Animation Director: Yosuke Ito
  • Animation Director: Lee Seong-jin, Hwang Seong-won, Chinatsu Kameyama, Yoshinori Masui, Tomoka Noumi, Masaaki Uikawa

Characters (In Order of Appearance)

Adaptation Notes

  • Volume 2, Chapter 2
    • "So the Dead was revived"
    • "In a mystery, a corpse would have to be checked"
    • "The Great Detective just wouldn’t show up"
    • "That face alone is unforgivable"
    • "Crimson Devil, Ice Queen"
    • "To the future a year later"
    • "There’s no point in acting cool at this point"
    • "You are the Angel, I am the Monster"


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