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Crimson Devil, Ice Queen (紅蓮の悪魔、氷の女王 Guren no Akuma, Kōri no Joō?) is the sixth episode of the The Detective is Already Dead. TV anime adaptation.



Siesta and Kimizuka won the battle against the highest executive of SPES that suddenly appeared, Hel.

In exchange for that, Siesta received a wound on her leg that took 2 weeks to heal completely. Kimizuka who was asked to work as a helper, found Alicia, a girl who was sleeping inside a box in a back alley.

Kimizuka asked about her relatives, but she lost her memories...


Continuing on from the last episode, Siesta arrives at the scene piloting a big humanoid robot in order to rescue Kimihiko. When asked by Siesta why Hel is doing all of this, she answers that she's merely following what's written in the Sacred Writ. So, Siesta has Kimihiko ride in the back of her on the machine and they proceed to fight against Hel riding on top of the monstrous Betelgeuse. In the end, Siesta ejects Kimihiko out of the machine and crashes it into the monster. Although injured, Siesta is thankfully alright. However, their happy reunion is brief as Hel turns out to be still alive. Although during this encounter Hel's dealt with by Siesta, she manages to escape thanks to the help of someone named Chameleon.

Time passes by and they stay in a hotel so Siesta can recover from her injuries. While going out on a shopping trip, Kimihiko runs into a girl sleeping in a wooden box. Checking up on the girl, the girl awakens and claims that she's going to be attacked. Kimihiko then asks who she's going to be attacked by, the girl claims it's by him. Kimihiko manages to calm the girl down and learn her name Alicia. They then talk about Alicia's backstory and Kimihiko invites her back to the hotel where, Siesta immediately calls Kimihiko a lolicon. The group then talks about what to do with Alicia and ultimately it's decided that Kimihiko will take on the job as Siesta is out of commission due to her injuries. They're then visited by Fubi who informs the group that Jack the Ripper has been resurrected and something about the Eye of Sapphire.


  • Screenplay: Hiroaki Nagashima
  • Storyboard: Fumio Ito
  • Director: Fumio Ito
  • Chief Animation Director: Yosuke Ito
  • Animation Director: Lee Seong-jin, Mubon Hyeong-jun, Jeong Yong-un, Hwang Seong-won, Moon Hee, Chika Noumi, Chinatsu Kameyama, Yoshinori Masui, Masaaki Uikawa

Extra Notes

The book Hel was holding, the word in the book means God It is written in Tamil

Book name God.png

Characters (In Order of Appearance)

Adaptation Notes

  • Volume 2, Chapter 2:
    • "You are the Angel, I am the monster"
    • "Thank you for being Angry"
    • "That misunderstanding is unforgivable"
  • Volume 2, Chapter 3:
    • "I picked up a little girl, and then I was fired"
    • "A new case that started from a Shuraba"


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