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This article contains information from the light novel.

Do not read beyond this point if you want to avoid being spoiled.

Hel (ヘル Heru?) is now the alter ego living inside Nagisa Natsunagi.


  • When Hel was being herself, she can be seen with chin-height black hair, with red eyes. As for the clothes, she uses a red hat that has a golden emblem, a black cape with a red color underside, a red suit, and long black tight leggings with boots. When she is fighting and using her ability, her eyes will glow red.

    Hel in her uniform

  • See as Alicia



In the later part of the story, Hel is revealed to be created from Nagisa Natsunagi after Alicia's death "six years ago".


Physical Abilities

Intellectual Abilities

Beside abnormal physical abilities, Hel also had eyes that could glow bright red and 'mind control' bodies with the owners being irresistible. This power was then used by Nagisa Natsunagi in the battle against the <<Assassin>> Fubi Kase but due to Fubi's will, the power couldn't stop her totally.


Name Etymology

Hel is a female being in Norse mythology who is said to preside over an underworld realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead.



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