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This article contains information from the light novel.

Do not read beyond this point if you want to avoid being spoiled.

Mia Whitlock (ミア・ホイットロック Mia Hoittorokku?). A priestess dressed in a white robe and scarlet hakama. Illuminated by the dying rays of the setting sun. One of the world's protector, a Tuner, who reigns over the clock tower.


Mia has long light blue hair tied in a low ponytail with some part of her hair on her side of her face. She can be seen wearing a head piece too. Her eyes is light pink color. She is wearing white robe and a scarlet hakama. As for her footwear, she simply wears red color sandals with white tights.



She doesn't like to go outside, and doesn't like to meet anyone.


When it is revealed that she could foresee the future, her parents used her to make money through 'believers', which ultimately resulted in their deaths because of one of the believers. After another series of events, she then is taken care of by Siesta.


Physical Abilities

Intellectual Abilities

Mia, as the <<Priestess>>, has the ability to foresee the future world crises, which from there, like all previous <<Priestesses>>, uses it to write the <<Bible>>.


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