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You, become my assistant.
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This article contains information from the light novel.

Do not read beyond this point if you want to avoid being spoiled.

Siesta (シエスタ Shiesuta?) is the titular heroine of The Detective is Already Dead. series, who calls herself the Great Detective.


"Siesta", is a code name. Her main weapon is a musket gun while she also has "Seven Tools" that contain special powers. Siesta is one of the Twelve Tuners as the Great Detective.

She took Kimihiko Kimizuka as her assistant four years prior to the main story.

Her real name, age, and nationality are unknown.


Siesta has white hair in a chin-length bob with Birkin bangs and sky blue eyes. She also clips various bobby pins towards the right side of her hair and wears a simple belt. Her outfit is monochrome, consisting of an unbuttoned grey jacket, clasped at the top with a red bow; a black blouse underneath; and a grey skirt with ruffled fabric underneath and a lace draping over it. Siesta wears black tights and Mary Janes. Her outfit closely resembles a goth lolita aesthetic.

Siesta is considered to be very beautiful by both Kimihiko and Nagisa.



Siesta was someone who believed in protecting the interests of her clients. She was a person of many mysteries.



Siesta is a very intelligent girl and a highly accomplished detective, having claimed to be able to "solve a case before it even happens." She is also skilled at using her musket gun, as seen when she accurately shot Bat to only severing his tentacles from his left ear while being several meters from him.

Physical Abilities

Siesta's physical and athletic capabilities surpass that of normal humans. She was able to easily carry Kimihiko while running, with her former assistant wondering if she was an android. Siesta was also capable of dodging multiple tentacles from Bat, demonstrating high-level mobility during their fight.


  • "A first-rate detective solves a case before it even happens."

Name Etymology

  • Siesta means "nap" in Spanish, especially an afternoon one taken after lunch. It comes from the Latin word "sexta (hora) which mean "sixth (hour)". The Romans divided the daytime into twelve hours, so the sixth hour was the middle of the day, noon, the hour of maximum heat, a time when the Romans used to rest and sleep.


  • When Nigozyu was writing the manuscript for the Rookie of the Year Award, Siesta was a minor character, but after winning the award, she was later changed to the main character.[1]


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